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Our off-road hi-performance power steering pump, based on a saginaw "T" Pump, is available as a plated, remote reservoir alternative to lesser pumps.

Profile machined to reduce weight and size and with a special hi strength chromoly drive shaft keyed for positive pulley rotation.


A Special - 12 inlet fitting and pressure port available with a -6, -8, -10 fitting also an opition with a precision machined rear pump surface for a motor plate mounting.

A hi flow liner and clearance pump rotor are all part of the package, and all pumps are calabrated for your specific application.


The powerful TC PUMP is used in many applications such as NASCAR, Off road and performance street vehicles and is a very versatile unit. The pump is available in a steel or Aluminum housing with a keyed or press on shaft which runs on a sealed front bearing.

A high flow -10 fitting and housing modification is available along with a one piece -6 flow control fitting.

We also offer a lower engine block mounting plate for big and small block Chevy's.

All our power steering pumps are bench tested and calibrated to your vehicle.


The duel purpose "P" pump is slightly larger than the "TC" pump but not as beefy as the "T" pump.

The remote reservoir "P" pump is profile machined for lighter weight and ported for a -10 or -12 fitting for hi flow capability and is available plated , painted or powder coated for the customer as needed.

A chromoly keyed drive shaft has added durability and strength over a standard factory shaft.



Extended Neck "P" Pump

This factory "P" pump with an Extended reservoir neck allows a 10% increase in oil volume and added oil control in a compact design.

A welded -6 fitting on the modified steel reservoir for a braided steel line is available.

Also a welded hydroboost return fitting can be added for your specific application.

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